BKSM® for Ambitious Organisations

BKSM® creates inspirational and powerful learning environments by demonstrating the practical link between the organisation’s future plans and the job role requirements of every employee. The model also inspires individuals to play a more personal and pro-active role in their own development.

BKSM® for Ambitious Individuals

BKSM® creates independent, strong and successful individuals. The model demonstrates in a simple, practical and inspiring way how success can be achieved from the comfort of your own home. BKSM® can be applied to your job in the workplace or your favourite hobby or pastime.


BKSM® for Learning and Development Professionals

BKSM® creates inspirational trainers, coaches, consultants and learning and development specialists. The award-winning design and content can be easily matched to the experience and personality of each professional thus enabling them to deliver truly inspirational learning experiences.

BKSM® for Ambitious Self-Employed Professionals

BKSM® creates sustainable revenue streams for self-employed professionals operating in the coaching, consulting, and learning marketplace. The research-based and proven approach to delivering high-performance is applicable to every organisation in the UK, regardless of sector or size.